BSP should act as an open platform ahead of local elections, says Sergei Stanishev at 48th party congress

I will mention here the need for self-confidence again. We should start respecting ourselves so that others can respect us, too. We should stop personal fights. This is our first responsibility before our voters. We should promote our achievements in the governing of the country and on local level because a large part of the people still does not know about them.

I believe that a strong national campaign is a necessary prerequisite for the success of our candidates for the local elections. We cannot leave them alone against the administrative machinery engaged to the benefit of and in service of GERB.

After all, the upcoming campaign is not merely the sum of 265 separate elections for mayors, nor it is a race between people promising ever more streets repaired, fountains built and children playgrounds opened. We should clearly present the most basic question to the people: if they really want GERB to have all the power in the country?

After having the executive, legislative and presidential powers, do the citizens want to present the local power to GERB as a gift as well and ensure the prolongation of the status-quo?

I think that BSP can and should be a wide and open political platform for all people with ideas, authority, civil stance, who want a better future for their municipality and the country as a whole. I believe that this will be reflected in the approach of the party leadership, both on national and local level, when nominating candidates and preparing the lists.