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Sergei Stanishev: The refugee inflow concerns not just Italy but the whole EU

The refugee inflow concerns not just Italy but the whole EU. This is what PES President Sergei Stanishev stated opening a PES conference in Rome entitled ‘Progressive answers to Europe’s challenges in the Mediterranean: A new foreign, security and development policy for the Middle East and North Africa’.

The event was hosted by the ruling PES-member […]

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Stanishev 4 PES President – Future

Together with the Prime-Ministers of Denmark, Sweden, and Georgia and with the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs the position of the left was coordinated before the summit in Riga.

I called for strict observance of the Minsk-2 agreements on Ukraine, as well as for peaceful and sustainable solution for the region. Through the […]

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Sergei Stanishev on Macedonia

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Stanishev condemns Macedonian government’s (in)actions

Today S&D MEP and PES President Sergei Stanishev took part in the debate on the situation in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia during this week’s EP plenary session in Strasbourg.


In his speech he pointed out that from a front-runner in EU integration among applicant countries, Macedonia has fallen in a continuous deep political crisis […]

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Stanishev speaking to the civil rally in Skopje: Brothers and sisters, we love you and we see Macedonia in the EU

S&D MEP and PES President Sergei Stanishev spoke on behalf of European socialists and democrats to thousands of people who rallied this Sunday in FYR Macedonia’s capital Skopje to express their disapproval of the current situation in the country. He also paid tribute to those who lost their lives during the recent terrorist attack in […]

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Sergei Stanishev at the Protest in Skopje, 17th of May

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Stanishev to join the civil rally in Skopje

In a letter dated 16 May Sergei Stanishev informed PES member parties’ leaders that he would join the civil rally in Skopje, FYR Macedonia this Sunday. ‘PES is deeply concerned by growing tensions in the country. We have long supported Macedonia’s efforts to join the EU and NATO and we have always promoted and advocated […]

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Stanishev meets Hollande, Renzi, Muscat and Mogherini ahead of European Council

Sergei Stanishev gathered PES-affiliated heads of state and governments to coordinate positions ahead of European Council meeting due to take place later this evening.

Following the latest tragedy in the Mediterranean where hundreds of refugees lost their lives in an attempt to reach the Italian shores, European socialists demand urgent action from EU Member states. President […]

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Stanishev greets BSP Congress on behalf of PES

The new left narrative for the future is a huge intellectual and political mission for us all

First of all please let me greet the BSP Congress on behalf of the big PES family and wish you a fruitful discussion producing common clear and inspiring messages to the Bulgarian society – said Stanishev in his speech […]

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Stanishev: Let’s keep GERB away from the local power

BSP should act as an open platform ahead of local elections, says Sergei Stanishev at 48th party congress

I will mention here the need for self-confidence again. We should start respecting ourselves so that others can respect us, too. We should stop personal fights. This is our first responsibility before our voters. We should promote our […]

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