PES President and two Bulgarian prime ministers with a strong commitment to EU

A conference on the future of Europe was held in Sofia at the initiative of PES president Sergei Stanishev. Both the current Bulgarian prime minister Boyko Borisov (EPP) and the former head of Bulgarian government Simeon Sakscouborgota (ALDE) participated in the event organized by the PES, showing the strong commitment of Bulgaria to the European project.

The conference, called Europe back […]


PES sees demand for social justice in Bulgaria, welcomes consolidation of the Left vote

The Party of European Socialists congratulates its Bulgarian member party BSP for the strong result they achieved during the snap general elections in Bulgaria this Sunday. The Bulgarian Socialists doubled the strength of their parliamentary group, jumping from 39 to 80 seats.

PES president Sergei Stanishev said:

“Securing 80 seats out of 240 is a strong success for the BSP and for […]


Stanishev, Ninova, Iotova push forward the European Youth Plan in Bulgaria

‘The Party of European Socialists’ European Youth Plan was elaborated in cooperation with the S&D Group in the European Parliament and all PES member parties. We are committed to making it a reality’, said S&D MEP and PES President Sergei Stanishev. He spoke at the #Act4Youth campaign launch event today in Sofia, Bulgaria, together with BSP Chair Kornelia Ninova and […]


Stanishev meets Hollande, Renzi, Muscat and Mogherini ahead of European Council

Sergei Stanishev gathered PES-affiliated heads of state and governments to coordinate positions ahead of European Council meeting due to take place later this evening.

Following the latest tragedy in the Mediterranean where hundreds of refugees lost their lives in an attempt to reach the Italian shores, European socialists demand urgent action from EU Member states. President of the French Republic Francois […]


Stanishev greets BSP Congress on behalf of PES

The new left narrative for the future is a huge intellectual and political mission for us all

First of all please let me greet the BSP Congress on behalf of the big PES family and wish you a fruitful discussion producing common clear and inspiring messages to the Bulgarian society – said Stanishev in his speech during the 48th BSP Congress […]


Stanishev: Let’s keep GERB away from the local power

BSP should act as an open platform ahead of local elections, says Sergei Stanishev at 48th party congress

I will mention here the need for self-confidence again. We should start respecting ourselves so that others can respect us, too. We should stop personal fights. This is our first responsibility before our voters. We should promote our achievements in the governing of […]


Stanishev: Let’s pay tribute to Lambo for all that he has done for our party in difficult times

Speaking at the 48th BSP Congress in Sofia, Bulgaria, Sergei Stanishev reminded his comrades of the successful presidential campaign of BSP.

There is nothing predetermined both in life and in politics. Everything is in our own hands. In 2011, opinion polls argued 42% of Plevneliev, 26% for Kuneva and 14-15% for Kalfin. But then we found the strength and motivation to […]


Stanishev: Choosing between Europe and Russia is a false alternative

Speaking at today’s BSP Congress, Sergei Stanishev stated that there has been a wrongful feeling in society lately that Bulgaria is faced with choosing between Europe and Russia, but this is a false alternative. The future of Bulgaria undoubtedly lies in the European Union as a full-fledged and effective member but this in no way means that we should not […]


Stanishev: It’s high time the Bulgarian parliament came up with a national position on the accession of Bulgaria to the Schengen area

That would be a strong signal to Europe that we are ready

‘It’s high time for the Bulgarian parliament to unambiguously support the efforts of politicians, institutions and the national campaign ‘Bulgaria in Schengen. It’s time!’ stated Stanishev on his Facebook page.

‘There will be a European Council meeting in June when we can again raise the issue of Bulgaria joining the […]


Stanishev: Bulgaria will enter the Schengen. Let’s speed up this process. It’s time!

„Together today we start a new conversation for Bulgaria in Europe. For a Europe of justice and morality. For the individual and national dignity. For the equality in rights and the integrity.” said the president of PES Sergei Stanishev during the opening start of the National campaign “Bulgaria in Schengen. It is time!”

The vice-premier on coordination of European policies and […]


Stanishev: Bulgaria has always supported the EU membership of Macedonia

‘Bulgaria has always supported Macedonia in a very sincere way both for EU and NATO membership, and has always extended a helpful hand along this process’ stated PES President Sergei Stanishev at a press conference on the 2015 European Parliament resolution on Macedonia, organized by the European Parliament Information office in Sofia, Bulgaria. MEPs Andrey Kovatchev (EPP/GERB) and Angel Dzhambazki […]


Stanishev: BSP is the only pro-European opposition and must prove it in the upcoming local elections

The country is governed by a coalition of parties with no common principles, based on constant bargaining and secret deals

The country is governed by a coalition of parties with no common principles, based on constant bargaining and secret deals. This is a coalition which buys time and comfort at the expense of the future. Born as 4-party coalition of politically […]

Sergei Stanishev on Macedonia

Sergei Stanishev at the Protest in Skopje, 17th of May