The new left narrative for the future is a huge intellectual and political mission for us all

First of all please let me greet the BSP Congress on behalf of the big PES family and wish you a fruitful discussion producing common clear and inspiring messages to the Bulgarian society – said Stanishev in his speech during the 48th BSP Congress taking place today at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria.

In his words, the political fights of BSP are an integral part of the will and efforts of the socialist family to change Europe, to uphold its social nature, to restore its economic dynamics and to create new jobs with decent wages.

He added that the success of every PES-affiliated party is crucial for the common cause of the socialists, and that every achievement at European level gives strength also to the national parties.

Disappointment among the people has been growing in the last years – in Bulgaria, by the results of the transition, and in Europe – by the results of the austerity policies.

The outcome of all this is clear – modest economic growth, high unemployment, growing inequalities and undermined solidarity. For us the reason behind is also clear – the imposed neoliberal model for development of the market and society. But it is precisely our duty, of the socialists – in Bulgaria and in Europe, to present a new vision for progressive development. The new left narrative for the future is a huge intellectual and political mission for us all, said PES President.

He expressed the view that BSP has walked a long and difficult way from the periphery of the European left to undisputed authority and respect within PES. It was us who achieved full-fledged EU membership for our country. We have all the reasons to be proud of our accomplishments. They are a strong political capital for our party. It should also be crystal clear to us that the European identity of BSP is an important condition for our perspective as a political force which aspires to successfully govern the country – Stanishev added.