Speaking at the 48th BSP Congress in Sofia, Bulgaria, Sergei Stanishev reminded his comrades of the successful presidential campaign of BSP.

There is nothing predetermined both in life and in politics. Everything is in our own hands. In 2011, opinion polls argued 42% of Plevneliev, 26% for Kuneva and 14-15% for Kalfin. But then we found the strength and motivation to create the necessary energy in society to turn the tide which led to the first serious shake of one authoritarian, repressive and antisocial model.

Today there is somebody missing in the room, a man who gave us strength and faith back then. A man who we all love because he embodies the best of our values! Lambo! I know that you watch us live now on TV, excited and going through this with us. Let us all give a big round of applause to express our gratitude to him for all what he has done for our party in the hardest of times!

This means a heavy responsibility for us. Let us promise that we will not disappoint him! Neither him, nor our predecessors, nor Bulgaria, which needs a social alternative! – concluded Stanishev in an emotional speech before the delegates.