The only possible solution to the Ukraine crisis is a political and a peaceful one. S&D MEP and PES President Sergei Stanishev expressed this view during a studio interview for one of Bulgaria’s leading TV channels, bTV. He reminded that his now long-standing view had ever been that any hard, long-lasting or even confrontational negotiations are to be preferred rather than allowing more human casualties. More than 6000 people lost their lives, tens of thousands are injured, and the refugees and displaced persons already approach 1 000 000, Stanishev said. He continued to say that the negotiations between Putin, Hollande and Merkel give some hope for peace. Stanishev quoted the German chancellor who also said that the only solution should be a peaceful one, and added that aggressive statements and provocations only create a vicious circle with no way out. He stressed that Bulgaria has a direct interest in a peaceful solution to the crisis.

Speaking on the situation of BSP, Stanishev said that after the elections there was indeed some shock within the party but it has passed and the party is well fit, up and running again.