„We need safe legal avenues and effective integration policies for those granted asylum under our common rules. Safe legal avenues are needed to save lives and effective integration policies are needed to offer opportunities to those fleeing war and oppression. But first of all we need to have a proper European asylum system with proper European external border management. That is the best way to preserve Schengen against the xenophobic backlash of nationalists and populists.”, stated the PES President Sergei Stanishev opening a Conference  Refugees: Our Progressive Answers.”

This conference was hosted by the French Parti Socialiste and the PES. Speakers from political organisations and NGOs from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa took part in the debates. Among them are: Genevieve Garrigos (Amnesty International, spokesperson), Ralf Gruenert (UNHCR Representative in France),  Dr.Ghazwan Adi (Syrian Social Democratic Party), Khatoun Haidar (Tha’era MENA women platform), etc.

„We have to acknowledge that the Dublin rules have failed and our aims are bigger. We need a harmonised Common European Asylum System but, above all, we need more solidarity and a profound change in the narrative about migration.”, added Stanishev.


In June, the UNHigh Commissariat for Refugees, announced that the number of people forcibly displaced due to conflict and persecution had risen to over 65 million at the end of 2015, compared to just under 60 million at the end of 2014. In this sense, PES calls for regular UN-sponsored global conferences on migration and asylum policies