PES leaders vow stronger, fairer and more social Europe

Progressive heads of state and government from across Europe are meeting on the eve of the Treaty of Rome anniversary to agree a common position on the European Union’s future.

The leaders are meeting in Rome on the invitation of Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni, to discuss current challenges, including securing stronger rights for European citizens, […]

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Stanishev establish a high level Working group to discuss the Junkers’ White Paper

In a strong declaration, the Presidency of the Party of the European Socialist highlighted the success of the EU, calling it “one of the most successful historical achievements for promoting democracy, cohesion, diversity and equality”.But they also warned that Europe needs to be revived and reoriented to tackle today’s challenges, including fighting populism and ensuring […]

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PES and progressive parties from 80 countries to tackle inequalities worldwide

Joint action to shift the modern world towards social justice, progress, democracy and solidarity was the main goal at a world gathering of leaders and representatives from progressive parties and organisations.

The Progressive Alliance convention entitled ‘Shaping our future’ was held in Berlin on 12 and 13 March. PES member parties from the whole of Europe […]

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Stanishev: PES will continue its missions until the full respect of the rule of law in Turkey

Today a PES delegation supported the co-chair of our Kurdish associate party HDP, Selahattin Demirtas on the day of his first court hearing, since he was jailed without legal foundation in November last year. The hearing took place in the Anadolu 34th Penal Court of First Instance in Istanbul and Demirtas testified via videoconference from […]

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Even the defeat of Daesh will not rid Iraq of terrorism and radicalisation, and the region will still need support:

Even the defeat of Daesh will not rid Iraq of terrorism and radicalisation, and the region will still need support: this was one of the main conclusions from a conference organised by the Party of European Socialists in Iraqi Kurdistan. The conference in Sulaymaniyah was held under the title ‘The challenges of ending the conflict: […]

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Sergei Stanishev:Europe needs change

“Social dialogue is one of the core values of our political family. We are convinced of the importance of a constant exchange between employers and workers’ trade union in order to agree on the essential rules that regulate work in companies, sectors and economies as a whole. This is why we have always stood, and […]

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Socialists with a new vision for Europe

Activists from all over Europe are gathering in Prague for the biggest event of the political calendar for social democrats: the Party of European Socialists Council 2016.

Entitled ‘Saving Europe’, the Council is focused on the future of the EU, with special emphasis on the PES ‘Act For Youth’ campaign – fighting to improve prospects for […]

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Stanishev: We will initiate a debate for Turkey in the European Parliament, a freezing of the negotiation process is not excluded

The Turkish authorities prevented a PES delegation in Turkey to visit opposition leader Selahattin Demirtaş in prison, in the North-Western town of Edirne. The delegation led by PES president Sergei Stanishev was held a press-conference in the middle of the road outside the prison. The Turkish police and the gendarmerie tried to prevent any contact between the delegation and […]

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A big pan-European political event took place simultaneously in 30 different European countries on 16 November – the European Youth Plan Action Day.
Supporters in 83 cities gathered to show their will that the European Youth Plan be implemented as soon as possible. The plan is initiated by the Party of European Socialists and aims to provide […]

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PES President agrees with Commissioner Andriukaitis on a progressive health agenda



PES President Sergei Stanishev met with Vytenis Andriukaitis, EU Commissioner for Health and a food Safety, on 25th October in Strasbourg.
“Health is a priority concern for young people. The in-depth Millenial Dialogue study conducted by our Foundation FEPS shows that 93% of the youth identifies healthcare as a top priority. It is our duty to […]

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