„Together today we start a new conversation for Bulgaria in Europe. For a Europe of justice and morality. For the individual and national dignity. For the equality in rights and the integrity.” said the president of PES Sergei Stanishev during the opening start of the National campaign “Bulgaria in Schengen. It is time!”

The vice-premier on coordination of European policies and institutional questions Meglena Kuneva, the ministers of culture and justice Vezhdi Rashidov and Hristo Ivanov, as well as over a hundred intellectuals, scientists, representatives of the media and famous names from the fields of culture, art and sport attended the event.

„We turn today with an idea that is not an elitist whim nor a theatrical effort, and is not limited to the freedom of landing at any airport. This is a universal, comprehensive nationally significant idea”, said prof. Andrey Pantev during the opening.

„The law is on our side. The only way to overcome any difficulties on our way to Schengen, is ot meet them with more work” pointed out the vice-premier Meglena Kuneva.

According to the PES President, Sergei Stanishev, who initiated the campaign, it is long overdue to rediscover the theme for the European self-confidence of Bulgaria. “We are often treated as second-hand Europeans. And we accept it. Somehow in a shy and uncertain way we raise the questions that are important to us to Europe and the European institutions. I think today we have to show new European confidence. What was required of us was fulfilled. Moreover, in the context of international conflicts we defend the external border of the EU. This is why leaving Bulgaria and Romania outside the Schengen Zone is illogical. It calls into question our common security and the essence of the European idea. “

„Bulgaria in Schengen” is my personal cause. My political position as president of the PES gives me a European role. I want to serve Bulgaria through my new European role as well.“ said Sergei Stanishev. European socialist №1 recalled that the cause “Bulgaria in Schengen” has many European friends, among whom are the President of the EP Martin Schulz, the Chairman of the EC Jean-Cloud Juncker, the Prime Minister of Italy Mateo Renzi and others.

The campaign already has ambassadors abroad. “Let me share something that touched me a lot. “Oblache le, byalo” will sound today in Paris, and Doni will be wearing the badge with the logo of the campaign during his concerts in Brussels, Luxemburg, London, Vienna, Milano and Munich” said Stanishev.