That would be a strong signal to Europe that we are ready

‘It’s high time for the Bulgarian parliament to unambiguously support the efforts of politicians, institutions and the national campaign ‘Bulgaria in Schengen. It’s time!’ stated Stanishev on his Facebook page.

‘There will be a European Council meeting in June when we can again raise the issue of Bulgaria joining the Schengen area. I think that the time is right for the National Assembly, following a report by the government on the fulfilment of the criteria, to come up with a national position on this in the coming weeks. The voice of Bulgaria will be heard when we stand united on a national cause, society, media, politicians, institutions alike.

The adoption of a political declaration by the National Assembly would be a strong signal which will strengthen trust in Bulgaria. It would be a sign of a untied position and of the readiness of Bulgaria to take its place as a full-fledged member of the EU’.